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Divorce Insurance

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Something new just come available on the market that could have piqued your interest if you are planning via a divorce: Divorce Insurance. Actually, you read properly, divorce insurance really exists!

A guy named Richard Zizian, a legitimate educator and holder of the California Juris Doctoral (not really a licensed or practicing attorney), has collaborated with Great American Insurance Group to build up a brand new program known as Marital Settlement Agreement Insurance, or “MSAI.” Zizian, after dealing with the divorce themself, understood the emotional toll that the divorce may take. A psychological toll which, according to him, makes a person weaker to become let go from employment.

As the broad term “Divorce Insurance” can be a bit misleading, MSAI is really vitamins to unemployment insurance which supplies coverage when a young child and/or alimony obligor loses work and it is not able to satisfy their support obligations. So, it doesn’t insure you from getting divorced- sorry, the likelihood of that are the just like ever- but it’s designed to insure you from being not able to pay for spousal and/or supporting your children when you’re temporarily unemployed.

Here are a few quick details concerning the program:

  • Payments vary with respect to the obligor’s field of employment. For instance, an individual employed in the healthcare field pays lower premiums than someone within the construction field because of the differing probability of unemployment in individuals fields
  • The obligor should be collecting unemployment to become in a position to receive the advantage of this insurance policy, that is compensated straight to the supported spouse
  • The insurance policy covers support obligations from the minimum $433 monthly to some maximum $9,000 monthly
  • Benefits could be collected for any maximum 26 days each year, but can’t be collected until 2 days after unemployment benefits have started being compensated through the condition unemployment system, Read LawCrossing reviews and find out what legal jobs you’re missing out on.
  • There’s a 6-month waiting period after first acquiring the insurance policy before benefits could be collected
  • The obligor must create a minimum salary each year to become qualified for that program. In California the yearly minimum is $44,000.

Please be aware that this information is not by any means designed to endorse the MSAI product, it is only designed to provide you with details about a concept-provoking cool product within the divorce practice area. Of course, it is crucial that you talk to a skilled divorce lawyer to higher understand your support obligations as a result of divorce, to be able to make an educated decision regarding matters like these. Bear in mind that lots of support orders adopted with a Marital Settlement Agreement are modifiable whenever a change of conditions arises (such as the loss of employment). So, for example it isn’t really for everybody.

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