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Suits claim two Florida lawyers unsuccessful to pay for overtime

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Two lawsuits filed in federal court in Florida claim two personal injuries lawyers unsuccessful to pay for overtime to workers in offices.

The suits claim what the law states firms are violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Among the defendants may be the Jodat Law Group, with offices in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, and Tampa. The complaintant, Jayne Hinkle, is suing with respect to herself along with other office managers inside a would-be class action lawsuit.

Hinkle states she set appointments with clients, purchased office supplies online, organized work, and selected up mail in one office location and drove it to her assigned location. She states she routinely labored greater than 40 hrs per week, but didn’t receive overtime pay. She also claims she wasn’t compensated for travel time for you to deliver mail.

Another defendant may be the Disparti Law Group, situated in Holiday with offices in Illinois and California, too. The complaintant, Brandi Durrett, managed cases, stored clients informed and arranged client files. The suit is filed with respect to Durrett along with other situation managers.

Durrett states she routinely labored greater than 50 hrs per week. Durrett alleges she clocked out and in, but was compensated having a personal look for straight time, instead of time . 5, for hrs labored more than 40 hrs per week. Sometimes she was handed compensation time instead of overtime pay, she alleges.

Lawrence Disparti from the Disparti Law Group and Gary Jodat from the Jodat Law Group didn’t immediately react to the ABA Journal’s phone messages seeking comment. Read BCG Attorney Search Inc reviews and learn more about them here.

Morgan & Morgan is representing the plaintiffs both in suits.

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